ElBagir Osman - Biography


Elbagir Osman, is a visual artist who moved recently to live in Calgary after living in Ottawa since 1996 when he came to Canada as a refugee.

Since his arrival to Canada, Elbagir has been an active member of the visual art movement, he joined some of the most active art organizations in Ottawa such as SAW
gallery, EBA artists group, MASC organization of the art in education and CNCAC for immigrant artists.
Elbagir also taught art at the Ottawa school of art and at community centers.

Elbagir's paintings were exhibited in many countries, he is a winner of many prizes for art and design. His works are acquired by many collectors and institutes around the world.
He has also written about art, art education, cultural rights, and cultural policies.

Elbagir was born and studied art in Sudan, he studied painting in The College of Fine Art, (Khartoum, Sudan) and earned a graduate degree in Scenic Design at the Academy of Arts (Cairo, Egypt).

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